Written by Katherine Collins (Lost in Space), RIOT GIRLS is set in a world where adults have mysteriously died and resources are scarce with a teenage girl called to action when her brother is captured by rivals and set to be executed. Directed by Jovanka Vuckovic, produced by Clique Pictures.
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XX: Horror Anthology (February 17, 2017)

XX had its world premiere to sold-out cheering crowds at the SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL on January 22, 2017 in Park City, Utah, followed by a theatrical release on Feb 17, 2017, where it opened as the #1 horror film on iTunes. XX has been featured in Time, Esquire, Vanity Fair, Elle, and Filmmaker Magazine as a ground breaking effort in the fight for equality in film. About XX: XYZ Films and Magnolia bring together a group of extraordinary filmmakers for the first ever all-female anthology. XX features segments by filmmakers Roxanne Benjamin (Southbound), Annie Clarke (St. Vincent), Karyn Kusama (Jennifer’s Body) and Jovanka Vuckovic. Guadalajara-based stop-motion animator Sofia Carrillo will also create the film’s title sequence, as well as the animated sequences appearing between each segment. Fall 2014. For more information, please visit the XX IMDB PAGE.



A terminally ill woman goes to extreme measures to save her own skin. Written and directed by Jovanka Vuckovic. Produced by Darius Films.
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The Captured Bird from Jovanka Vuckovic on Vimeo.

The Captured Bird is an award-winning 2012 short Canadian horror-fantasy film written and directed by Jovanka Vuckovic, produced by Jason Lapeyre and executive produced by Guillermo del Toro. It has played at over 50 film festivals around the world and garnered five Best Short Film awards. In 2009, Vuckovic pitched The Captured Bird to del Toro, who came on board as Executive Producer, raising the film’s profile and attracting world-class talent including Oscar-nominated Production Designer Anastasia Masaro (The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, Tideland), Oscar-nominated Creature Designers Spectral Motion Inc. (Pacific Rim, X-Men: First Class), matte painter Deak Ferrand (Lord of the Rings, The Golden Compass), DP Karim Hussain (Antiviral, Hobo With A Shotgun) and Emmy-winning Visual Effects Supervisor Tammy Sutton-Walker (Avatar, Harry Potter series). The film was completed in 2012 and features over 40 visual effects shots and has won 4 Best Short Film awards. SYNOPSIS The Captured Bird is a darkly poetic fable that begins with a little girl drawing figures of people with chalk on the cement of a playground. She takes notice of an unusual crack in the pavement that is seeping a mysterious black fluid, which she follows to an ominous mansion. Inside, she encounters several bizarre phenomena, including walls that bleed black and tentacles that emerge from the ceiling to touch her. She then witnesses the birth of five terrifying supernatural beings that threaten the existence of her world.


“Sumptuous and sinister.” – The Toronto Star

“Does what a horror film should do… makes your skin crawl, devours a tiny piece of your soul.” – Twitch

“Timeless and universal… Vuckovic’s vision is a force to be reckoned with. – Bloody Disgusting

“A gorgeous, haunting exploration of youthful imagination, transporting viewers back in time to their own early excavations of the dark.” – Fangoria

“Visually stunning.” – Toronto Film Scene

“An evocative and unnerving gothic fairy tale.” – Dork Shelf

“One of the most ambitious short films in the history of the genre.” – Rue Morgue Mexico

The Guest from Jovanka Vuckovic on Vimeo.

In this short existential thriller, a man must face his personal demons as a consequence of a mysterious bargain he has made.

Jovanka was one of 25 filmmakers from around the world invited to compete in the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival Emerging Filmmakers Competition, funded by RBC Royal Bank. The Guest was made for the competition and had its world premiere at FrightFest 2013 and was an official selection at Fantastic Fest, Sitges, and many more. SEE COMPLETE LIST OF FESTIVALS HERE. The Guest also received a theatrical release in 25 Cineplex Odeon theatres across Canada, opening for Nothing Left to Fear.

NEW VISION AWARD Nomination – SITGES International Film Festival 2013


“Enigmatic and Chilling.” – James Whittington, Horror Channel

“It’s a Kafkaesque dilemma, like a parasite burrowing into your brainstem… A haunting and visually remarkable Faustian tale on its surface, with a transcendental beating heart within it; THE GUEST is more than welcome in my house.” – Mitch Harrod

“The Guest is a special grotesque bon bon. Just when we think we know where it’s going, Vuckovic takes us there with heart-stopping images that are as beautiful as they are mind fuckingly sickening. I think it’s time for someone to give this lady a wheelbarrow of dough to make a feature.” – Greg Klymkiw, Film Corner

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Self Portrait from Jovanka Vuckovic on Vimeo.

A short film created for the Toronto International Film Festival Talent Lab that pays homage to Martin Scorsese’s The Big Shave, by way of Lucio Fulci. Featuring music by legendary Italian composer Fabio Frizzi (The Beyond, City of the Living Dead). It is currently playing festivals around the globe. SYNOPSIS In the process of taking off her make-up, a young woman reveals her true face.


“They say brevity is the soul of wit and SELF PORTRAIT fits the bill very nicely. Easily the shortest of the shorts the film plays as an homage to Martin Scorsese’s early critique of the Vietnam war, THE BIG SHAVE. Featuring frankly stunning visual effects (no surprise from the award-winning Vuckovic) and some of my favourite music of all time – Fabio Frizzi’s masterful work from THE BEYOND – SELF PORTRAIT works as both a tribute to masters and as a personal statement from the director herself.” – David Pace-Bonnello, FANGORIA

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